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African Chicken | Jollof Rice | Cow Tibs | It can be eaten


African Chicken | Jollof Rice
| Cow Tibs
 | It can be eaten


today I want to share three

african inspired dishes i made some

african chicken

i made jolof rice and made another

african inspired cow tips now you have heard

I say it's inspired

i think i haven't said about three either

four now

uh these recipes are inspired by you guys

I have never made African food before

coming to America the second half came out again

that's a family favorite here

so we met a little bit


and that would be a good excuse for me that

do some or try to do some


inspired dishes so I found a few online

and I will make sure I leave the links to

ways that i

used in the coming description box

america part two came out

um it was good for me

I enjoyed the family and the food a lot

there is a movie

I estimated about six maybe about six


but um if you watch a movie tell me

what you think of it in the comments

i think the first one was better


but still you guys so you'll know

You need more product to go

You need a lot of repairs that you will need

a lot of

entry into dyson and melting

now I will tell you directly

proportions as we cook it

but here I am just showing you a lot

the things you will need are gone

need garlic

ginger onion thyme

red bell pepper green bell pepper others


onions  some carrots you go to

i need a basil

fresh parsley is now the chicken

the spices I will use are

you will use smoked paprika

curry powder is another maggie chicken

bouillon powder

salt and pepper is now the recipe I am

who will use about

four to five kilograms of chicken drums

I already have them and they are clean

now I'm going to brown my chicken drums

for the first time this is a different step than the


as I said I was encouraged by these

the methods I use

so they are not exactly what they were


but I'll be brown with my chicken first like that

I will continue to add a little

the taste in it I did not measure


you can add salt & pepper if

I wanted to but I just thought

why not then you will be leaving

forward and combine all your spices again

your chicken together

you will cover it and go

I'll stick it in the fridge and let it go

it's cool

until you are ready to cook it if you can

do it yesterday

The girl will taste so much better

What we will do we will go

Keep doing this

paste we will take our onions again

our iron our red pepper

and we will throw you into this food

processor and will make you paste

now i accidentally add to my tomatoes i

he did not care

but the tomato goes to the bowl anyway

so it was not a big deal i did not use habanero because i

I did not want my spoil to be burned up

but you can use hot scotch pepper

bonnet pepper habanero

you can use any hot pepper to heat

Level but this will do a lot

in addition to what you need

with a container so you can just keep it

refrigerator and use it elsewhere

the dishes are really good it adds a lot


now that we are done with all the preparations

work for the chicken

we will continue to import our beef

spiced so that we can

let that marinate also go

forward and add in some coriander

others smoked paprika and I went

add some ground ginger

a little cayenne pepper for some

heat I will throw some cumin

a little allspice onion


and garlic flour you know I add

that in all

i will add black pepper

another chicken bouillon powder

and salt I had a group of lime

so I just went ahead and squeezed something else

stand upon it

that was not the recipe available

something I just did yeall

so I'll keep mixing that up

together I will hide you again

I'll stick it in the fridge

it can

marinate so now as we have our beef

and our cleaning chicken

we will continue to make it our own

jollof rice

roller rice is now the first thing you are

what you do will take something else

oil and will add to the mass

the temperature of the bottle to add to it

some onions are chopped let them cook for them until they are beautiful too

soft and then throw in the middle


tomato paste we will allow this

tomatoes are fried in oil

about five minutes to get it all


candy to taste and it will always be

add depth to taste

next we will add some ginger


and a bay leaf I will give up that

continue to cook for about two minutes

next I picked up three Roman tomatoes and one

little red pepper

and I put them in the food processor again

I will go ahead and add that to it

now we will let this slow down

until it is beautiful and big you want

all that suction liquid goes

to make a kind of detection of oil floating high

so now we will add

some spices we have some

curry powder is another fresh thyme

chicken bouillon some salt

I smoked paprika onion powder and garlic


next we will add to our bath


long grain cereal

then we'll pull it off with it

our chicken broth

so now we will bring this to the file

we will cover the boil with a lid

and we will go

let it cook for from twenty to twenty five minute

it may take more time

just add a little chicken broth


then cover it and keep it covered until

fork tender you just want it to be

it's good

and my tender took about 25 to 30


when it's done you want to put it down

about five minutes

with a lid and put it in the eyes


and when you have your jaloff rice

in a large pot I have oil

and I warmed it and went there

keep brown my chicken

on both sides I will let it cook

about three to four minutes on both

sides you want to find it beautiful and brown

now I had to cook my chicken in batches

you do not want to be crowded into your pan

because it's not your chicken

you will not find

brown and crispy as if you want it

cook it in batches if necessary

so now we will move on again

sit this chicken aside

next I will add some recordings

onions in the same pot

I will let those who cook and be beautiful

and soft

next we will add to the other recordings


and some grated ginger and we are

i will let that continue to cook

about 30 seconds or more

until garlic and ginger

start warming up

I will add three Roman tomatoes

which included me

then I'll put in a big one

they buy it with spoons

onions and peppers made from

to begin with

as I said you won't need all that

he did

you need about 1/4 of a cup of


then I'll add some new ones

thyme you can use dried thyme if you do not

have fresh thyme

some salt smoked paprika

curry powder and black pepper

then I will add some

chicken bouillon look at all that taste you boys

so now it's time to add our chicken back

in this case

one pot african chicken

your favorite recipe like I said one pot

that makes it so much easier for me to keep going


mix my chicken with my onions and

garlic and tomatoes

and then I'll add a little more

Of chicken broth so we can cut a little

I put the lid on and cook it

about 20 to 25 minutes

down as

top down very high up

it will be fine and watery again


now after about 25 minutes I will go

keep adding my sliced ​​carrots

i will put on my red cut iron

black pepper and pepper

then my green onions and off we go

allowing this to continue cooking almost

10 to 15 minutes with lid

off you want to let some of that liquid

sucking a little

so it will be good and great and you want

letting your peppers and onions be delicious


you don't want to let them sweat down

there's nothing you don't want them to cook for you


you still want to bite a little bit on it though


yeah about another 10 to 15 minutes

the door is closed

eventually you will move on

then add in your chopped basil

with your chopped parsley and you are

you will mix it together

You guys are like that chicken


I took oil and sailed skillet

some are cut

onions and minced garlic add to my meat

let it cook for about three honesty

four minutes because it is cut like that

he is small

it cooks very quickly

so delicious with so much sweet smoke.

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