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Three Asian deals you can make in 10 minutes


Three Asian deals you can make in 10 minutes


I'm always looking for amazing things

home cooking

that takes less time

for as you are, so are I

a very good time when I got home

especially if I have a young child

running around

i want my attention 10 minutes guys

we will make this recipe

we will start with a crispy

egg because you know

a totally awesome eggplant

during the week

all you need is a hot pan add oil

now we do this asian style so do we

i need the right oil here

until the oil heats up by sticking to

a wooden spoon or hat in there too

i want to see some

foam is small so we are ready to go and hold on

break your egg

carefully get this in a little bit

dangerous mouse but worth it

you should feel the spread immediately

you should feel that sizzle straight


and now you want to log in with

spatula just kind of

pour oil on top of what we want to do

wait until the bottom is well again

super crispy

but I'd like to keep my wallet a bit

running in the middle

and just wrap that egg in a paper towel

therefore excess oil will release

now with vegetables so I will use it

chinese broccoli or gailan

and the important thing here is any kind of

The rooster is like that

the prep you do when you cut we

want to save a file for

solid parts of vegetables

separate the leafy parts

so I'd like to just catch these

then just cut them

lengthways thus much higher

kind of part of the stem because the other

the fact is that we want

all good cooking in

same time

and very soon now just use yours

knife in sequence

with stems and cuttings

so it is

a kind of slight reduction

and that too will help with

cooking time

now keep your qualifications different from yours

he is leaving now I am not stuck

cooking instructions for this or anything

vegetables you have at home

Broccoli works very well in total

works well bok choy

this works well is one of those

recipes you want to offer

what you can do with

things in your fridge are okay now some


now and garlic is about

I decide here so I want to keep these

clips exactly because that

how my garlic will not burn

now i use a little chili

Chili here you can use again

capsicum or go pour really spicy

Chili again

and that's the best I've ever found

chicken breasts here and you can use them

beef or

pork or turkey grind something very good

about using

Minced meat that we do not have to be

cutting any meat here saves extra time

then I have my own sauces that I just got

basic pantry here

oyster sauce soy sauce and fish sauce

now i just released most of

oil for cooking the egg I left a

a little down there

and if that is good and hot

and I will add my garlic

and into my chicken

as soon as the chicken is almost cooked

I will put in those degrees

you just want to give this one a try

a minute anyway until those degrees

light green

tender but tender


ok so now the chicken is there

cooked I will put in my green leaves

oyster sauce soy sauce

with fish sauce and toss all of that


ah look at that color how I like it

nutritious and fresh too

this is good

and where you go people make fast dinners

you don't have to be bored

they can be beautiful too

such a fun look at that

and one of those beautiful boiled eggs

more than the right size

beauty at the bottom of this pan so i


some of that on my plate and there

go guys

the fastest dinner I can make


look at that egg

crispy egg cream cream chicken


this is very good


okay just a few guys

just more

you know a few ingredients for the shelf too

you find yourself like everyone else

a delicious pasta meal going on here let alone

you have it

looking to make that sauce first and foremost

so this is like a riff

in lemon spaghetti like lemon lemon


but few like you know the type

it twists and turns here and there

start with the sauce you want

start with olive oil

and some miso attaches yes you know

love this kind of salt for me

of factor I want here

and now you want lemon zest

then lemon juice again


and then we need the whole crowd of

cheese here because it is like everything else

better with cheese

that's what I think anyway

of parmesan will come in here

I will not lie to boys like this


what you want to wear in

instagram feed now um

we will burn this by moving it

around um

it will be a little worse duck in

to start but don’t worry about hope

everything will be fine in the end I promise

it's okay like that or it looks like it

just like a small lump

the burning of miso is a kind of kindness

of scattering there

so what I'm going to do is change the temperature

I'm going to cook

our noodles and what we want

today we do for a while

ramen noodles so your little packet of

easy here and we have it

some little things here that we have

small vegetable flakes

i found a little powdered beauty

here because this is the same

the most bitter I will choose

the bitterness we may return to

that little

more later but let's find out

noodles came out

and then because as you know

these are actually ramen noodles

it's quick to cook so you don't overcook them

straight to the water

just love to surround them again

press them around until

they are just al dente yes

ramen fast noodles can be you


Al dente fancy makes it sound similar

it is not

just cook them until they are small


now a fun thing through these

ramen noodles instead of spaghetti is

that this is being done

very soon this beauty happens

long cooking

and when I could see those noodles

a kind of liberation

I'll get myself right into that

the sauce we made

now the real secret here is to make a file for

cream sauce

it is not really cream to use some


noodle pop cooking water comes in

and that will kind of emulsify again

finish cooking the noodles

and I gave you that sour sauce too

add to the spring onions here too

now you want to heat up here just you

you want to love throwing again

around that pan with those noodles

for a few minutes here and this

where magic begins to happen my


ok look at that cream

oh my beauty is this kind

like the green that makes me so happy

so at this point we want to have it

noodles are fully cooked therefore

not overcooking is absurd

we wish to have this kind of good

the cream goes on there

with sauce and if you need to add

a little bit of pasta water yourself

can but i think this looks good

it's good

ah look at that lake of noodle smoke

with cream

oh my beauty all things

It’s amazing who knows noodles can be


and you want more cheese

because you know everything is better

and cheese

some little spring spraying

onions last small pieces available

i like

amp this absolutely I understand that it is so

I'm going to be great I can say

because it’s just creamy and green yet

a little more take your little one

The fun package for this looks great

spicy so it will give us

an excellent suggestion to know the chili hit

the end suggestion of pepper hit nah by me

will put enough here will give

you are a good boxer

and there we go as if I don’t think

it's been 10 minutes

it is like a five-minute ramen

however we will set 10 just in case

you like to cheat you people who want to be sure

you can always

always do it on time

honestly that's just the same

comfort in the container as if to get spicy

right you find something bitter going on

get something with cream going on again

and find out so

as good as a citrus fruit citrus

as the sunlight continues

yes for now

the first thing we need to do is find our own

the vegetables are prepared so I'll just go

I'm right with my carrot here

if you have one of these julienne

vegetarians however

good because you can just strip

beautiful little shards of carrot now

if you don't have one of these don't do it

just worry about buying

pre-baked carrot from

in your store

it is easy to find those

days are right and to what we want to add

a mixture of mushrooms I now have

some noki mushrooms here fall i

the love of this soup because it turns out

of the little good

long strands of silk all the way

our beautiful soup and just take it

your shiitake mushroom and stem

itself is a little difficult about it

so just cut with that mushroom and

then remove the stem

then just continue cutting

ok so they got in our pot again

then I have a strong tofu here

and I'll just decide that

in the middle

and I want good pieces of that too

and then look for other bamboo plants

and another cooked chicken now I have justice

using the rotten chicken I found

fried chicken but frozen

it would be good too

or you can keep this meat for free too

leave the chicken out

ok and now with our stock chicken so

you know i'm just using

store purchased today because

it's midweek and I'm in

urgency if you have done it yourself

stock however go use that

and then we want to get this mixture

we gently got out of our stove

i love this soup so most kids are there

they are in a Chinese restaurant there

order you know

chicken and sweet corn soup I was there

always hot and sour

the child ordered hot and sour soup was

my favorite

and now it's time to add a season to it

I have a simple soy sauce here

which is

it's just a typical Chinese soy sauce

then I get a black soy sauce

here in a certain color white

vinegar now if you have Chinese

black vinegar at home

keep using what can be

traditional vinegar you can use here however

white vinegar is very easy to find

you can use that

and some pepper and therefore the main flavor in

this soup is

sour salt and then a really good hit

pepper so I'll put a little bit

pepper in there

and that's the hard part that people have done to us

at the moment

waiting for this to come out

those flavors to give

and be beautiful and sweet

i just love the color of this soup

like autumn leaves

it's just fine so those mushrooms have it

soft now it is only a few things


and I will add some corn flour

mixed with a little water because

of course

this style of soup is really great about it

i will add this to

and so does our soup

great and shiny beauty I just want

to let that foam go

a few more minutes to thicken a

a little

now let's try this and see

well that i love those who are really good

sour taste however

you know what I think I'm going to put in

a little vinegar and this is it

where your personal taste will come to fruition

get into it

add extra vinegar

a little salt when you think

it needs it because that is so dependent

in your chicken stock

how that salt would start again

because i

as bitter things I will add to a

little black pepper

such a simple soup but very ultra


all that is left now is to worship on high again

just spray a little of

spring onions.

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